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“Stinky” Facts!

Thank you to Valerie for another contribution to Science in Storytime!

Books with Skunks as a main character:

The Easter Bunny’s Assistant By Jan Thomas

Who Needs A Bath? By Jeff Mack

The Skunk By Mac Barnett


Although bunnies are the “politically correct” delegates for Easter, no one says other animals shouldn’t be involved! In one of Jan Thomas’ humorous book, “The Easter Bunny’s Assistant”, skunk is stealing a lot of thunder. Facts about skunks could be found in the following web links:


Skunks and Their Smelly Spray

Chinese New Year Science

Many thanks to Valerie for her contribution to Science in Storytime! Enjoy!

Chinese New Year: Shine the Coins Experiment

2016 is the Year of Monkey for Chinese people. During Chinese New Year feasts, it is common to see dumplings as a main dish since they are symbols for fortune in Chinese culture. Clean and sanitized coins are usually mixed in the fillings of the dumplings. Whoever gets the dumplings with coins are considered lucky in the coming new year.

Shine the Coins Experiment:


A minor variation to the experiment would be preparing four cups filled with different solutions: water only/water and salt/salt and vinegar/vinegar only. Have students predict which solution shines the coins best before the experiment.

Books about Chinese New Year and cultural traditions:

Bringing In the New Year by Grace Lin

A Gift by Yong Chen

Chinatown by William Low


Moose Tales

Moose Tracks! by Karma Wilson

Duck, Duck, Moose by Dave Horowitz

For some great moose facts and a short,  real moose-viewing video, use the link below:


Moose Tracksduck duck moose

Science Poetry

Comets, Stars, the Moon and Mars by Douglas Florian

Find some space-related science activities at these sites:



Science Verse by Jon Sceiszka

Write a group verse about several of your upcoming science activities, for an extension project.

comets-stars-moon-marsscience verse

The Color Green

Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Lizette’s Green Sock by Catharina Valckx

Find oodles of ideas for green science activities in these links:



whereisthegreensheep lizettesgreensock

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