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Turkey Terms

Turkey TroubleTurkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano

After reading this delightful story, tell children that turkeys have different body parts than other birds do. Show them some pictures of real turkeys, including a turkey chick (a poult). You can find real turkey pictures and a list of turkey terms at http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/turkey.htm. You can also attempt to say the scientific name for a turkey while you are there! For help with that, go to a word pronunciation site.


My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza

After reading the book, ask children what real pigs eat. Help them to feed a stuffed pig by placing a “trough” beside the pig and handing out food to place in the trough. A food list can be found at http://www.keepingpigs.net/what-do-pigs-eat.My Lucky Day


Butterfly Chromatography

Butterfly, Butterfly by Petr Horacek

butterfly butterfly

For a great color activity to go with this book, Katie Murtha suggests the following link:


My Five Senses  by Margaret Miller

This was a great book to introduce to preschoolers the concept of your five senses!


For the activity, we used a marshmallow to talk about our senses. Each child used hand sanitizer and then received a marshmallow. First, we touched the marshmallow and talked about it being squishy and gooey on the inside. We smelled the marshmallow and talked about the sweet smell. We looked at the marshmallow and came up with some words to describe how it looked. Then we tried to hear the marshmallow and while most of us didn’t think it had a sound, one child said he could hear it squishing in his ear. Finally, we tasted the marshmallow and everyone agreed that it was delicious!


I Feel a Foot by Maranke Rinck

We have been working on our 5 senses in Preschool Storytime and this turned out to be a fun book to share for sense of touch.


I made a series of “touch bags”. They were paper lunch bags with various items inside. I would have the children put their hand into the bag to see if they could guess what was inside. Some of the items that were used in the bags were: cotton balls, feathers, seashell, Legos, and a spoon.

Rebecca Reitz, Librarian, New York Hall of Science, has shared the following link to a list of science story books she has created. Thank you, Rebecca! Enjoy, everyone!


Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet by David McLimans

Find a great slideshow of endangered animals at http://www.endangered.org/campaigns/endangered-species-day/science-lesson-plan/.

Gone WildIMG_0012

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