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The Color Red

Big Red Farm by Christianne C. Jones

Holly’s Red Boots by Francesca Chessa

Enjoy some science with the color red by exploring these links:




Big Red FarmHolly's Red Boots

I Love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges

Bugs for Lunch by Margery Facklam

After exploring the contents of the books above, try some of the following bug science activities:





I love bugs!bugs for lunch

Firefighter Science

I’m Brave by Kate and Jim McMullan

Firefighters! Speeding! Spraying! Saving! by Patricia Hubbell

Preschool science activities to accompany the books in this entry can be found at:



Firefighter I'm Brave firefighters speeding spraying saving

Leaf Man?

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

If you can accumulate a collection of leaves, it would be fun to make leaf men with your preschool children!

The following sites have some great leaf science ideas for preschoolers:





Denise Fleming’s Science

The author makes habitat the focus of these two titles:

Underground by Denise Fleming

In a Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

For related activities, try the following activity ideas:


There are more pond links at the link above.

See more of this author’s books for additional science in storytime title ideas.

undergroundIn the Small Small Pond

Mice. Rather Nice?

Mice by Rose Fyleman

Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley

Given basic parts, children can construct mice similar to those used in Lois Ehlert’s illustrations and talk about how mice move and use their senses, what they eat, where they like to live, etc.

Or try some of the activities at http://www.preschool-plan-it.com/mice.html.

Collect and show pictures of animals in the rodent family. Talk about how they are the same and different.

MiceMouse Mess

Hands: Growing Up to Be an Artist by Lois Ehlert

Lots of Spots by Lois Ehlert

Oodles of Animals by Lois Ehlert

There are several activities to tie science and art together at:



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