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“Stinky” Facts!

Thank you to Valerie for another contribution to Science in Storytime!

Books with Skunks as a main character:

The Easter Bunny’s Assistant By Jan Thomas

Who Needs A Bath? By Jeff Mack

The Skunk By Mac Barnett


Although bunnies are the “politically correct” delegates for Easter, no one says other animals shouldn’t be involved! In one of Jan Thomas’ humorous book, “The Easter Bunny’s Assistant”, skunk is stealing a lot of thunder. Facts about skunks could be found in the following web links:


Skunks and Their Smelly Spray

Chinese New Year Science

Many thanks to Valerie for her contribution to Science in Storytime! Enjoy!

Chinese New Year: Shine the Coins Experiment

2016 is the Year of Monkey for Chinese people. During Chinese New Year feasts, it is common to see dumplings as a main dish since they are symbols for fortune in Chinese culture. Clean and sanitized coins are usually mixed in the fillings of the dumplings. Whoever gets the dumplings with coins are considered lucky in the coming new year.

Shine the Coins Experiment:


A minor variation to the experiment would be preparing four cups filled with different solutions: water only/water and salt/salt and vinegar/vinegar only. Have students predict which solution shines the coins best before the experiment.

Books about Chinese New Year and cultural traditions:

Bringing In the New Year by Grace Lin

A Gift by Yong Chen

Chinatown by William Low


The Science of Aesop #2

Anno’s Aesop by Mitsumasa Anno

“The Dog and His Reflection”

Find some great ideas for preschool reflection activities here:



anno's aesop


Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear by Emily Gravett

Each Orange Had Eight Slices by Paul Giganti

Here is a link to a fascinating sink or float experiment: http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/experiments/orangefloatorsink.html

orange pear apple beareach orange had eight slices

Kinetic Bouncing Had Potential

Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas

is everyone ready for fun

Explain the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy, then play a game with children during which you say either, “potential,” when children can store energy by not moving or “kinetic,” when children can move like the cows did when they were on chicken’s sofa.

For another investigation of bouncing, go to :


Firefighter Science

I’m Brave by Kate and Jim McMullan

Firefighters! Speeding! Spraying! Saving! by Patricia Hubbell

Preschool science activities to accompany the books in this entry can be found at:



Firefighter I'm Brave firefighters speeding spraying saving

The Science of Aesop #1

Aesop’s Fables by Jerry Pinkney

After/while reading “The Crow and the Pitcher,” demonstrate the displacement of water by using your pointer and thumb as the crow beak to pinch some stones and add them to a container of water one by one. Children can join in by making a crow’s beak with their fingers and helping to displace the water until it is high enough for the “crow” to take a drink. Helpful hint: Try this ahead of time to see how many stones are needed and how much water to begin with. Make a mark on the back of your container so you can use it as a fill line when you do this with children.

aesop's fables

Review: The Truth About Nature

The Truth About Nature: A Family’s Guide to 144 Common Myths about the Great Outdoors by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer

This book could be a useful resource for those incorporating science into their storytimes. The 144 myths are arranged by season and are accompanied by forty strange-but-true nature facts, 32 assorted legends, and 16 activities/experiments. There are quick tips at the beginning of the book to help you use the book to best advantage and a great index in the back to help match your storytime topic to book topics. Check it out!

The Truth About Nature

Forces and Motion

Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough

Bring in a rolling toy with a string. Talk about the concept of “push” and “pull”.  The website https://spweb.tbaisd.k12.mi.us/sites/home/instructionalresources/science/pk8resources/Kindergarten/Kindergarten%20Unit%202%20Pushes%20%20Pulls.pdf has great information on forces and motion for young children.

duck in the truck 1 pull toys


Max Found Two Sticks by Brian Pinkney

To practice making sounds, music and rhythm, make your own instruments

Decorate an oatmeal box for a drum and make a kazoo out of half a paper towel tube with waxed paper over one end held by a rubber band.


Max found two sticks

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