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Let’s Dance!

PAR-TAY! : Dance of the Veggies (and their friends) by Eloise Greenfield

When a family leaves the house for an outing, the vegetables have a house party.

This is It by Daria Peoples-Riley

A young dancer finds confidence in herself in this picture book about dance, individuality, and self expression.

Peddles by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Peddles is a pig with big ideas–he wants to be a dancer.

Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance by Birgitta Sif

Frances Dean loves to dance. She feels the wind and she dances. She hears singing birds and she dances. In her every waking moment, she is inspired to move. But as soon as anyone is around, Frances Dean’s knees begin to tremble, butterflies start to flutter in her tummy, and she forgets how to dance.

Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird

Six-year-old Lexy Tanz loves dancing so much that she wants to share her skills with others, and when she is becoming discouraged because no one wants lessons from a girl so small, a herd of hairy giants arrives to test her teaching ability.

Hip-hop Lollipop by Susan McElroy Montanari

Follow a little girl as she moves, swings, and grooves her way through her bedtime routine, dancing all the while, until she finally closes her eyes and dances through her dreams.

The Nuts : Sing and Dance in your Polka-dot Pants by Eric Litwin

Hazel Nut wants to sing and dance, but Mama, Papa, and Wally Nut are too busy, so Hazel calls in a special family member to get everyone moving.

Zoogie Boogie Fever! : an animal dance book by Sujean Rim

What do the animals at the zoo do when the gates close at night? They boogie until dawn!

Cockatoo, too by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

Who can can-can? Find out in this hilarious book that features cockatoos, two more cockatoos, and tutued toucans too!

Sock Monkey Boogie-woogie by Cece Bell

Sock Monkey, the famous toy actor, tries to find a dance partner for the Big Celebrity Dance.

A Universe of Stories: Planets

Company’s Going by Arthur Yorinks

After inviting two spacemen to stay for dinner, Shirley and Moe are asked to return with them to their planet Nextoo to cater their sister’s rather large wedding.

Thank You, Earth : a Love Letter to our Planet by April Pulley Sayre

A love letter to the Earth shares striking photographic images from around the world that introduce such concepts as nature and science.

Captain Raptor and the Perilous Planet by Kevin O’Malley

Captain Raptor and the crew of the Megatooth rush to help rescue scientists from the planet Mammalia who are trapped on Pyros Prime, an unstable planet with exploding volcanoes.

A Place for Pluto by Stef Wade

Shocked to be stripped of his planet status, Pluto goes on a quest to find his place in the universe. Includes educational materials.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3 : Planet of the Pies by Judi Barrett

When astronauts land on Mars, their first discovery is a substance not unlike pie filling and Kate and Henry are eager to go taste some, but Grandpa, who may have some inside information, discourages them.

Printable solar system: https://www.craftionary.net/planets-free-printable-solar-system/

Outer space hat craft: https://thestemlaboratory.com/outer-space-hats/

A Universe of Stories: The Sun

How the Sun got to Coco’s House written and illustrated by Bob Graham

The sun makes its journey across the world to Coco’s house to wake her up and follow her through another day.

The Night World written and illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

Sylvie the cat persuades her boy to go into the darkness very late at night, where they are greeted by the shadows of roses and other flowers, and by nocturnal animals who whisper, “it’s almost here.”

Moonbear’s Sunrise by Frank Asch

 When Bear tries to see the sunrise but always oversleeps, Little Bird makes a suggestion.

Sun written and illustrated by Sam Usher

It’s the hottest day of the year, hotter than broccoli soup, hotter than the Atacama Desert, hotter than the surface of the sun. It’s just the right kind of day for a boy and his grandad to go for a picnic.

Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven

 During a horrible, snowy storm, a baker bakes sun bread, which cheers up the whole town and even coaxes the real sun to come out.

Greetings, Sun by Phillis Gershator

Throughout the day, children greet the sun, the breeze, their breakfasts, their school, and all the other large and small sights which they encounter.

Sun Song by Jean Marzollo

Animals and plants respond to the sun’s changing light over the course of a single day.

Hello, Sun! by Dayle Ann Dodds

A young girl and her cat must change clothes many times as the weather goes from sunny to cloudy to rainy to snowy.

Painted paper plate sundial: https://www.funlittles.com/kids-crafts-homemade-sun-dial/

Sun in a bottle: http://fumblingthroughparenthood.blogspot.com/2011/07/sun-in-bottle.html?showComment=1311569822861#c668124889966383480

What melts in the sun experiment: https://frugalfun4boys.com/simple-science-experiment-for-kids-what-melts-in-the-sun/

So Slow Sloths

Sloth at the Zoom by Helaine Becker

Sloth is a sloooooow creature. She’s supposed to be going to the Zzzzzoo, but is mistakenly delivered to the ZOOM!

 A Little Book of Sloth by Lucy Cooke

Hang around just like a sloth and get to know the delightful residents of the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, the world’s largest sloth orphanage.

Snoozefest at the Nuzzledome by Samantha Berger

Snuggleford Cuddlebun, the sleepiest sloth in all of Snoozeville, attends the annual Snoozefest, where she gets free pajamas and other gifts, listens to bands and haiku, and, mostly, sleeps.

Sparky! by Jenny Offill

 A child takes a sloth named Sparky as a pet.

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth. Written and illustrated by Eric Carle

Challenged by the other jungle animals for its seemingly lazy ways, a sloth living in a tree explains the many advantages of his slow and peaceful existence.

Score One for the Sloths by Helen Lester

 Sparky, a new energetic student at a sloth school, saves her lazy classmates when a wild boar from a government agency tries to shut the school down.

Slow Days, Fast Friends by Erik Brooks

Howard the cheetah, who is used to being the fastest animal of all, injures his leg and is befriended by a sloth, who helps him appreciate taking life at a slower pace.

Amy the Red Panda is writing the best story in the world by Colleen A. F. Venable

Amy the Red Panda is trying to tell a story to her best friend, Mervin the Sloth, but the enthusiastic contributions of other animals threaten to spoil it.

Paper plate sloth


Mother and baby sloth pattern


Sloth craft

A Universe of Stories: the Moon

Moon by Alison Oliver

Throughout her busy days, Moon wonders what it would be like to be wild and free until the day she meets a wolf and learns his “wolfy ways”.

The Boy and the Blue Moon by Sara O’Leary

When there’s a blue moon, magical things can happen and in this enchanting picture book about a boy and his cat, they do.

Luna and the Moon Rabbit by Camille Whitcher

Inspired by Asian folklore, this is the magical tale of a young girl who befriends the giant rabbit who lives in the Moon and goes with it on a bedtime adventure through enchanted forests and fields.

Penguinaut! by Marcie Colleen

 Orville is a little penguin who lives in a zoo and dreams of big adventures, like going to the Moon; the other animals are skeptical, but Orville is determined, so he builds a spaceship and sets out all by himself–and discovers that real adventures are best when they are shared with friends.

Hello, Moon! by Francesca Simon

At bedtime, a little boy asks the moon if it likes some of his favorite activities.

Moonride by Harriet Ziefert

Presents a guide to proper behavior for the child fortunate enough to catch a ride through the night with the moon.

Moon phases felt board:


Moon Crater gross motor activity:

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