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What is an Endangered Animal?

Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet by David McLimans

Find a great slideshow of endangered animals at http://www.endangered.org/campaigns/endangered-species-day/science-lesson-plan/.

Gone WildIMG_0012


How Do Chickens Stay Warm?

A Hat for Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke

Talk about how Minerva’s friends stayed warm by putting their beaks under their wings. Have the children try putting their own “beaks” under their “wings”. If you have a stuffed chicken, place it in a “nest” with “bedding.” Chickens can stay warm by eating a bedtime snack, and they may not have lips, but their caretakers can use petroleum jelly on their combs and wattles to keep them from “chapping.”

A Hat for Minerva LouiseIMG_0011

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