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“Stinky” Facts!

Thank you to Valerie for another contribution to Science in Storytime!

Books with Skunks as a main character:

The Easter Bunny’s Assistant By Jan Thomas

Who Needs A Bath? By Jeff Mack

The Skunk By Mac Barnett


Although bunnies are the “politically correct” delegates for Easter, no one says other animals shouldn’t be involved! In one of Jan Thomas’ humorous book, “The Easter Bunny’s Assistant”, skunk is stealing a lot of thunder. Facts about skunks could be found in the following web links:


Skunks and Their Smelly Spray

Birthdays and’Vores

My Lucky Birthday by Keiko Kasza

A Birthday For Cow by Jan Thomas

There is an interactive herbivore, omnivore, carnivore page for preschoolers below:


A simple chart for categorizing a small amount of animals by what they eat is here:


My Lucky Daya birthday for cow

Kinetic Bouncing Had Potential

Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas

is everyone ready for fun

Explain the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy, then play a game with children during which you say either, “potential,” when children can store energy by not moving or “kinetic,” when children can move like the cows did when they were on chicken’s sofa.

For another investigation of bouncing, go to :


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