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Denise Fleming’s Science

The author makes habitat the focus of these two titles:

Underground by Denise Fleming

In a Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

For related activities, try the following activity ideas:


There are more pond links at the link above.

See more of this author’s books for additional science in storytime title ideas.

undergroundIn the Small Small Pond

Animal Camouflage-Multiple Titles

Can You See Me? by Ted Lewin

Stripes of All Types by Susan Stockdale

Twilight Hunt: A Seek-and-Find Book by Narelle Oliver

Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett

More than one title may be explored to demonstrate a science concept such as camouflage. There are also some great sites to use as activity resources:




Can You See Me stripesofalltypes twilight hunt Blue Chameleon

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