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How is Ice Formed? (Jane Yolen)

Once Upon Ice And Other Frozen Poems by Jane Yolen

Welcome to the Ice House by Jane Yolen

The author provides books which prompt an exploration of the science of ice. Discover some great suggestions for that exploration by going to the links below:



once upon icewelcome to the ice house

The Long Sleepover

Ridiculous by Michael Coleman

Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep by Jane Yolen

How ridiculous would it be if an animal who was supposed to hibernate, didn’t? You can enjoy finding the answer to that question by reading Ridiculous!

The book by Jane Yolen reveals what animals besides Black Bear are hibernating.

For additional activities, try http://www.preschool-plan-it.com/hibernation.html or http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/hibernation.html

ridiculoussleep black bear sleep

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