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This is For the Birds!

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? by Rita Gray

Bring on the Birds by Susan Stockdale

The first book has a great Q and A section at the end conducted between a bird and the questioner, called “A Word with the Bird.”

The second book places birds into simple (and rhyming) categories, concluding with a who’s who of the birds pictured earlier in the book.

This would be a great opportunity to listen to bird calls online! Children might enjoy trying to imitate the sounds.

HaveYouHeardBring on the birds


A Nest Full of Eggs by Priscilla Jenkins

Bring in a bird nest for the children to see and touch. Talk about the different materials that make up the nest and what you can do when the birds are building nests in the spring such as leave out bright bits of yarn and string.

a nest full of eggs

Animals that Hatch from Eggs

Where Should Turtle Be? by Susan Ring

Sort stuffed/plastic animals into “hatching” and “non-hatching”. Place hatching animals by plastic egg.

where-should-turtle-be-by-susan-ring1Animals that hatch 2

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