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Bow-Wow Classification!

Dogs by Emily Gravett

This book presents a good opportunity to talk about how there are different breeds of the same kind of animals. Use a size comparison chart you can find online to laminate and cut apart so children can divide breeds into classification groups of small and large dog breeds. This classification sorting activity could also be extended to other breed characteristics, for example, which dogs have brown (black, white, spotted, long, short) hair?Tails? Ears? Etc.

dogs by gravett

Rabbit Habits

Forever Friends by Carin Berger

Rabbit’s Gift by George Shannon

After enjoying these story lines, there is a nice list of rabbit facts at http://www.brighthubeducation.com/preschool-lesson-plans/64076-bunnies-classroom-theme/ and (if you don’t know someone with a real bunny to bring to storytime) some beautiful photos of real rabbit breeds at https://www.arba.net/breeds.htm.

forever friendsrabbit's gift

How Tall is a Penguin?

If You Were a Penguin by Florence and Wendell Minor.

This book has a great back section that helps children relate to Penguins. Using this as a reference, have either a measuring tape or yardsticks to help children see how they would “measure up” to the tallest and the smallest penguins. If time permits, further examine some of the other penguin facts in this section.

If You Were a Penguin

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