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Winter Wonder

Once Upon a Winter Day written and illustrated by Liza Woodruff

Milo’s mother is too busy to read him a story so she sends him outside to play in the snow where he discovers a story of his own.

Froggy Builds a Snowman written by Jonathan London

It’s Winter Carnival day, and Froggy can’t wait to build a snowman. But school principal Mr. Mugwort says there is a lot to do first. Skating! Sledding! A snow fort! Finally it’s time to build a snowman, but Froggy builds a snow dinosaur instead. And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a wild snowball fight.

Letters from Bear written by Gauthier David

Bear sends updates on her adventures as she travels to visit Bird, who has migrated south for the winter.

Silli’s Sheep written by Tiffany Stone

As winter nears, Silli wants wool to knit a sweater but the “sheep” he finds are actually stones, so getting them home and sheared will be a challenge.

Cozy written and illustrated by Jan Brett

The coat of a huge wooly musk ox named Cozy is the winter home for a growing number of Alaskan animals who mostly get along.

A Story for Small Bear written by Alice B. McGinty

Small Bear’s mother promises stories before their winter slumber if Small Bear will help prepare with no dilly dallying, but the playful cub finds it hard to stick to her tasks.

The Most Amazing Bird written by Michael Kusugak

A young girl discovers nature’s surprising beauty in this tale from a renowned Inuit storyteller. When Aggataa goes for a cold winter walk with her grandmother, she’s surprised by a sudden CRAH! All the birds have flown south for the winter except one kind–the tulugarguat, the ravens. They’re the ugliest birds that Aggaataa has ever seen. They look like they slept in their coats–coats that don’t even fit! However, as the winter slowly moves towards spring, Aggataa connects with one small raven in particular. As the seasons change in full, the ravens leave and are replaced by seagulls, cranes, geese, ducks, and swans–all of them far more elegant than the “Ugly Bird.” But where Aggataa once thought the ravens odd for visiting during the harshest part of the year, she now finds herself watching the horizon, waiting for the return of the most amazing bird.

My Winter City written by James Gladstone

A boy, his father and their dog have a perfect day in a snowy city.

Make frost at home: https://www.steamsational.com/how-to-make-frost/

Snowstorm in a jar: https://www.steamsational.com/snow-storm-in-a-jar-science-fair-project/

Play snow dough: http://www.huckleberrylove.com/2013/12/huckleberry-life-play-snow-sensory.html

Snow science experiments: https://lessons4littleones.com/2016/01/24/snow-science-experiments/

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